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Our story

Why Turf Branding?

Our story

At Turf Branding, our journey is deeply rooted in the green industry, and it’s a story of passion, dedication, and expertise. Founded by Marc Cerutti, a seasoned professional with over 29 years of hands on experience, Turf Branding emerged from the very trenches of the lawn care world. Marc’s journey has taken him from the grassroots of the industry to playing a pivotal role in the growth of multi-million dollar turf companies.

Having witnessed the evolution of the green industry, we recognize the importance of effective sales and marketing strategies. Turf Branding was born out of a commitment to revolutionize the way lawn care businesses approach their marketing efforts. Our story is a testament to the transformative power of understanding the buying stages and employing proven strategies to achieve conversions.

Our mission

At Turf Branding, our mission is crystal clear — we want to grow the online presence and success of every lawn care client we serve. Our wealth of experience has shaped our commitment to excellence, and we strive to empower our clients to not just succeed but thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

We aim to go beyond conventional marketing approaches by focusing on specific goals. Our foremost objective is to ensure that every lawn care client achieves a coveted position among the top 3 on Google Maps and search results. This mission drives our daily efforts to build high performing lawn care websites that serve as the cornerstone of our local SEO content strategy.

Our vision

Turf Branding envisions a future where every lawn care business, regardless of its size, has the tools and strategies to compete against industry giants. Our vision is rooted in a belief that effective online marketing should be accessible to all. We aspire to be the catalyst that propels lawn care businesses to unprecedented heights of success through innovative and results-driven strategies.

In this vision, we see a community of thriving lawn care professionals, armed with top notch websites and a strong online presence. Turf Branding is committed to being at the forefront of your growth, shaping the future of the green industry one client at a time.

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